At Global Tunes, we want to make you shine.
Not only can you distribute your music far and wide on a global scale, you get to earn and keep all the royalties that come with it! Best of all, Global Tunes can help you get discovered by industry professionals!
We know releasing your music to the world feels amazing, but the best is truly yet to come. What sets Global Tunes apart is that we can help you beyond just music distribution. Our passionate team of Influencers are constantly looking out for top unsigned Artists across genres to work with. Wow them and you may be well on your way to getting signed with one of the biggest record labels in the world like Universal Music! does this Influencer thing work, you ask?
Well, our Influencers are seasoned industry insiders with close affiliations to top music labels. They are committed to taking the most promising Global Tunes talents they can find under their wings. They will handpick their favourite Artists with whom they will work with and recommend to the music label A&R team!

But first, you need to get the Influencers on your side by...
Every track release entitles you to three “pushes” you can send to the Influencers of your choice to get them listening. They will check out your music and give you constructive feedback to help you improve, among other forms of mentorship. On the side, expect them to always be keeping close tabs on Artist profiles that have caught their interest.
Global Tunes lets you market your tracks just by sharing a single link that will route your fans to their preferred music services. Once you sign up, this will be immediately available for you.
We have united a community of over 3,000 Global Tunes Influencers and Artists...and that number continues to grow today