Deliver your releases through our top local and global digital distribution partners. Be it streaming, watching, purchasing or downloading, fans can easily connect with your music however and whenever they like.
All audio and video are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.
No record deal? No problem. We'll help you get your music on the world's biggest music platforms with no strings attached.
Get your music up and selling as fuss-free as possible with our super simple upload process. When in doubt, our support team is ready to assist around the clock.
Waiting weeks for a release to go live? Ain't nobody got time for that. Have your latest music online in as little as 24 hours right after you upload.
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Everything you need to know at your fingertips
No guessing at numbers and figures here - count on us to deliver a clear and through report of all your sales as listed by song, platform and region to make it easier for you to track ow well your music is doing.
Online buzz and fan base growth are impreative to measuring your success. By connecting your social accounts, you can easily access and peruse daily statistics updated on our social analytics dashboard.
See how many people are listening to your music at a glance. Our charts are generated from daily streaming figures fed directly from Sportify into our user-friendly interactive dashboards.
Honouring fair pay and the creative control of every artist is our priority at Global Tunes. We ensure that all our artists keep 100% of their royalties and music rights, as well as freedom to remove their music any time they wish.
All the money you earn are at your full disposal. Simply withdraw by using your Global Tunes account to transfer your royalties easily and safely into a PayPal account.
For a fixed annual fee, you can use all the services available to you without having to pay another cent more. You will never have to worry about being charged any hidden or additional costs.
As you have full rights and control over your music, whatever you wish to do with it is entirely up to YOU. This inludes selling your music elsewhere or giving it away for free.